We are Deatbeats!

We are “ALL ABOUT THE BEATS!” We have samba drums, a punk/pirate attitude and some serious shapes to pull. We are the party starters, the fiends of the fantastic, all with a penchant for dressing to impress and a flair for theatrics. We play inside! We play outside! We’re best in the middle of a crowded dance-floor but can easily bust out our skills for the stage. You want us – you know you do – so send us a message!

Pam Flets

Pam Flets

Spawned from a chicken’s egg hatched under a toad. This marketing genius is 2nd cousin (once removed) to Lee. Likes rubbing jam into her elbows. Read more

Min the Merciless

Min the Merciless

Extreme ironing-board race winner for 9 consecutive decades, Min is sister to Kali-Ma the Destroyer and Thikc Kevin the Congenital. Read more

Jason Status

Jason Status

Will only speak in rhyming slang with a German accent, Jason is the smallest member of the band standing at only 45cm tall. His magic eyeteeth make him the fastest drummer in the band. Read more

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Deatbeats are based in Ulverston in the South Lakes and perform at festivals, events and special occasions across Cumbria, North West England and the UK. Interested in booking us? Get in touch. Click here to read more about the band.

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Please use the details below to contact or book us.

Neil Armstrong and Ben McGeary

Email – neilosdog@yahoo.com

Call – 07808 517550

Visit our Facebook page for performance updates.

Thanks for the spookiness Muncaster! ...

One night only and what a brilliant night it was. Thank you Deatbeats for an incredible performance. If you missed them tonight go check out their Facebook page to see where they will be next.

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